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Xbox Core Wireless Controller – Review 2023

Over the years, the Xbox Wireless Controller has undergone numerous changes, but the most recent is the finest. With enhanced tactile textures and optimized geometry, the Xbox Series X|S gamepad provides a more luxury feel without the price tag, resulting in a more approachable and enjoyable gaming experience. We would prefer it if the controller could be recharged without requiring a separate add-on, though.

Review of the Xbox Wireless Controller in one minute

The upgraded tactile textures and optimized shape of the Xbox Wireless Controller make for a superior playing experience while yet feeling slightly different in the hand. We’re also pleased that Microsoft has finally included a Share button to its gamepad, which makes it much simpler to take screenshots and record videos while playing.

The upgraded tactile textures and optimized shape of the Xbox Wireless Controller make for a more ergonomically friendly (and comfortable) playing experience. The Xbox Wireless Controller feels familiar in the hand yet subtly different. We’re also pleased that Microsoft has finally included a Share button to its gamepad, which makes it much simpler to take screenshots and record videos while playing.

The cost and availability of the XBOX wireless controller

Although every Xbox Series X and Series S console comes with a controller in the package, the Xbox Wireless Controller costs $59.99 / £54.99 / AU$74.99.

Only if you need a replacement or a second (or third, or fourth) controller for home co-op gaming will you need to purchase another one. The Xbox Wireless Controller is easily accessible at many major retailers, both online and in-store, so obtaining more shouldn’t be too difficult.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is offered in Carbon Black, Robot White, and a striking Shock Blue. Since then, the spectrum has expanded greatly, and with the help of Xbox Design Lab, you can even create your own color scheme if you’re ready to shell out a little extra for customisation.

Design of the xbox wireless controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller doesn’t appear to be a significant upgrade over its predecessor at first glance. It maintains the conventional button and trigger configuration and has a similar design. Yet if you look more closely, you start to see the small adjustments Microsoft has made.

To begin with, the exterior of the gamepad now has a matte finish that closely resembles the styles of the new consoles. The black controller that comes with the Xbox Series X is easy to noticeably scratch and scrape, so while it may seem sleek, there are some negatives.

You could find it challenging to maintain your controller’s pristine appearance for years to come given the amount of hands-on time they require. While a white version of the controller is included with the Xbox Series S, several color options are available and some may be less prone to scuffs (you’ll need to purchase these separately).

The hybrid D-pad, on the other hand, seeks to bridge the gap between the traditional D-pad on the Xbox One controller and the interchangeable, faceted disc-shaped D-pad on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2. The end result is a disc covered by a traditional-looking D-pad. Once more, this is a little but appreciable update that aims to increase control and leverage over the D-pad while also making the user experience more pleasant.

Another loud click that we haven’t heard from a controller before comes from the D-pad. You’ll either find it satisfying or a little irritating; we frequently found it to be the latter, while people accustomed to mechanical keyboards might not be too disturbed.

Performance of the Xbox Wireless Controller

The Xbox Wireless Controller also delivers functionality upgrades in addition to these visual ones. Because of the lower latency Microsoft has boasted about (combined with the Xbox Series X|S’s greater frame rate stability), we found this controller to be more responsive. It was also simple to connect the gamepad wirelessly via Bluetooth to a variety of devices, including the Xbox One, an iPhone 13, and a Mac.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is powered by AA batteries (normal or rechargeable), and there are two ways to prevent having to continually change or recharge the batteries. You may purchase a Play and Charge kit, which includes a rechargeable battery back, or you can connect your controller to the console via USB-C to charge it while you play or in between sessions (although this will, of course, limit your freedom of movement).

The Xbox Accessories program for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S allows you to remap the Xbox Wireless Controller, however the degree of flexibility is relatively limited.

Wireless Xbox Controller: Compatibility

It goes without saying that the controller debuted along with the Series X and S and is made to work flawlessly with those consoles. Yet, it utilizes Bluetooth to function with computers, phones, and other devices. This implies that since the gadget can connect directly to a variety of devices, you won’t receive a USB dongle in the box.

Simply hold down the pair button adjacent to the USB-C for a long time and choose it on your phone or computer to link with new devices using Bluetooth. Moreover, you can double-tap that button to return the controller to your Xbox (if you have one). If you don’t want to deal with Bluetooth, you can wire the controller to your PC using the swanky new USB-C port. It should work with any USB-C cable that complies with the specifications; we successfully tested it with both A-to-C and C-to-C cables.


The Xbox Controller with USB-C feels like a significant upgrade over previous models. The three main changes—an enhanced d-pad, a smaller chassis, and a USB-C port—all enhance the user experience. There is also a share button. Sure, the Xbox controller for 2020 is conservative. Microsoft might have improved the hardware by adding attributes like a built-in rechargeable battery and microphone, both of which are present on the DualSense 5.

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