Working Solutions For 2023 For The Broken Microphone On The Logitech G Pro X

In 1981, the Swiss business Logitech was established. Their PC hardware accessories are well-known. The Logitech G Pro X microphone was just released. The tech communities went crazy over this microphone.

Yet, a number of users complain that the G Pro X microphone isn’t working and wish to replace it. When I did my study on this topic, I was shocked to find some really straightforward but effective solutions. However many consumers are unaware of them.

There are numerous potential causes for this issue, but if you carefully read this post, you can quickly resolve them. There is hence no need to switch out your microphone.

Why isn’t the mic on my Logitech G Pro X working?

This microphone not functioning issue might occur if your headset and aux wire are not correctly connected, the audio driver is out-of-date, and the audio settings are incorrect. Also, this issue arises if the headset is muted and microphone access is turned off.

Aux cord and headset connection

This microphone not functioning issue might arise when your headset and aux wire are not correctly connected, according to the Logitech documentation.

Outdated audio driver

The new Logitech microphone cannot be supported by an outdated audio driver, which leads to the mic not working issue.

Faulty audio settings

Your Logitech G Pro X may have this microphone issue if your audio settings are not optimal.
Silent Headset
If your headset is muted, your microphone won’t function properly. Check to see whether it’s muted. Just turn off the mic mute.

Turn off the microphone access

Imagine the microphone is unavailable to your PC. You will then experience this microphone malfunction issue.

How to Resolve the Logitech G Pro X Mic Issue

If you play video games frequently, a microphone is necessary for speaking with your teammates. But, if that microphone isn’t flawless, you’ll run into a bothersome issue. Go on with your plan of action to resolve the microphone malfunction.

1. Disconnect the headset’s auxiliary cord and plug it back in after two clicks.

The headset has a two-click option when the aux wire is plugged in. Your computer registered the headset for listening if you hear the first click. The second click will be produced if the plug is pushed in the headset any farther.
After your microphone and computer are in sync, you can speak and listen using your Logitech G Pro X microphone.

Many of you were unaware of that, so attempt this change first before moving on to more involved solutions. Push your mike further after hearing the first click to hear the second click.

2. Attach the microphone to the black rectangle and the headset to each other

This remedy can come off as absurd and humorous. However according to my research, this repair helps many Logitech users with their issues, so give it a shot.
The steps to fix a malfunctioning Logitech microphone are as follows:

  • Connect your PC’s USB blue voice input.
  • Remove your headset’s USB blue voice input cable (little black rectangular thing).
  • Remove the microphone cable from your headphone. Everything but the headset cable is now unplugged.
  • Connect your microphone to the USB voice input in blue.
  • Connect your headset’s wire to the microphone port.
  • Give it two minutes.
  • Switch off everything.
  • Connect everything in the usual sequence.
  • Verify the G hub.
  • The Logitech microphone issue you were having will be resolved.

3. Permit Use of the Microphone

You could have this microphone issue occasionally if your microphone access is disabled. Get the directions and repair this.

The steps to allow microphone access on Windows 11 are as follows:

  • Enter the Search field.
  • Choose it after typing Microphone Privacy Settings.
  • Activate the microphone access switch.

4. Verify the sound settings

Your microphone may not work properly if some sound settings are configured incorrectly. Hence, if you experience this issue, you should check your sound settings.

5. Examine the Audio Driver.

You must attempt the troubleshooting option on the Windows operating system in order to fix your Logitech microphone issue.
Update audio driver
Sometimes an outdated audio driver can cause a microphone problem. To fix that problem, manually install the most recent version of the audio driver available from Logitech support. Otherwise, adhere to the instructions below.


Your issue may be completely resolved by using the Aux cord 2 clicks plugin, connecting the headset to itself, and connecting the microphone to Blue voice, but if not, use the remaining techniques. Also, the Logi tune and G HUB application resolves issues for many people, so give it a shot.

Ultimately, if you carefully read this post, you should be able to fix your Logitech microphone on your own.

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