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Top 6+ Best PS5 Games Review 2023

Thus far, February has been successful for the PS5. Sony announced that the console shortages are now over after selling over 30 million systems in December and counting. Even better, the upcoming wave of video game releases will be limited to the PS5 and the soon-to-be-released PSVR 2. Also, with Hogwarts Legacy and Atomic Heart, gamers have plenty of games to play this month. Here are the top 25 PS5 games available right now while you wait.

No more PS4 backward-compatible games are included in our updated list, which now includes all PS5 games. The major requirement for inclusion on this list is that each game must have a dedicated next-gen version available, considering the prevalence of cross-gen titles.

Genshin Impact

After the open-world game’s first release in 2020, The Traveler, the main character of Genshin Impact, has been stranded in the enchanted region of Teyvat and is looking for their estranged sibling. Their story is still developing as fresh updates keep adding new map pieces to the puzzle, such as fantastical rainforests, immense deserts, and perilous mountain peaks, as well as introducing us to fascinating new individuals who join their journey. We apologize to our protagonist’s lost sister for choosing to enjoy the voyage rather than rush to its conclusion, but it’s a joy to explore and learn new things with each new chapter that appears.

There are rumors that HoYoverse may include two places related to Liyue and Sumeru in the Genshin Impact 3.6 update.

Legends of Apex

With a number of distinctive characters, quick-paced action, and some of the best movement in a first-person shooter still in existence today, Apex Legends revolutionized the Battle Royale genre from the moment it launched. Even though Apex Legends has experienced ups and downs over the years, particularly due to matching problems, bugs, and pricey cosmetics, its commitment to consistency in terms of content and pro-play still ranks it as one of the top FPS games on the PS5. With the addition of fresh maps, players, weapons, game types, cosmetics, and balance tweaks, Apex has maintained consistency.

To improve it and make it more resemblant of the genuine current-gen experience, Apex Legends received a PS5 upgrade that added 4K output, Full 60hz gameplay, HDR, higher quality shadow maps, and longer LOD distances. Theoretically, it should only grow better over time because more upgrades are still planned to take use of adaptive triggers, haptics, 120 Hz gameplay, and other graphic enhancements. Apex Legends is the perfect game if you want to play a fantastic FPS with your friends and don’t want to invest any money.

On February 14, Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry will premiere. It will include a number of new features, such as the Nemesis Burst AR, a new class system, and the Team Deathmode timed mode.

Inert Space

The 2023 remake of Dead Space returns players to dissecting necromorphs in the horrific corridors of the USG Ishimura with not only a new focus on improving Isaac Clarke’s story at every opportunity, but also an exceptionally gruesome new coat of paint. EA Motive expertly achieves utmost faithfulness and respect for the original while adding all the thrilling added bells, whistles, and violence we’ve come to expect in a contemporary survival horror game. Dead Space from 2023 is the best way to experience this timeless horror game, to put it simply.

Senior game writer Jo Barry highlighted EA Motive’s interest in continuing to rebuild the Dead Space franchise during a recent Reddit AMA on the Dead Space forum. We’ve stated that we’d be interested in continuing to work on the Dead Space franchise both internally and internationally, he said, in part. The brand is dear to our Core group, and we need to talk about our best course of action.

Collection of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves

The two Uncharted PS4 games are combined into Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves, which upgrades them for the PS5 with 4K visuals, optional performance modes, haptic feedback, adjustable triggers with the DualSense, and other features. These two action-adventure classics simply hold up remarkably well, even with just a few modifications, even though it was obviously not as difficult a lift as The Last of Us Part 1’s translation to PS5.

Dark Souls

Never before had it looked so good to perish miserably at the hands of a heartless monster. Demon’s Souls, a 2009 cult favourite, has been totally updated for the 4K era and is one of the PS5’s best-looking titles. The tough action is entirely authentic to the original, delivering the same severe learning curve and sense of immeasurable success with every victory, even if the motion capture, texturing, and music are all brand-new. The original gameplay mechanics from FromSoftware have been preserved, but there have also been some adjustments made, including new items, armor, and weapons to covet, a reduction in the quantity of healing grass you can carry, and new consumable Grains that provide benefits while you explore.

West Forbidden Horizon

Such a confident follow-up is Horizon Forbidden West. Another game about defending a planet from enormous robot dinosaurs, it isn’t inventing the wheel, but it doesn’t have to. Although there are more human components, intriguing new character additions, and a ton more personality in Aloy’s story than in the original game, it is still captivating. It has some of the top side quests available right now in the game industry.

Best PS5 Games FAQ

Coming up in the second half of February 2023, Wild Hearts will be launched on February 16. In this game from EA Originals, players battle animals intertwined with nature using antiquated technology in a fantastical setting inspired by feudal Japan.

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