The LG UQ75 Is The Younger Member Of The LG 4K Line-up For 2023.

At the moment, the market for TVs is a great fit for big companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic,… Also, you can’t forget to talk about LG’s LED TVs. People think LG’s LED TV is pretty good, so please read our LG LED TV review.
LG TVs have two types of screens right now: LED TVs, which are also called quantum dot TVs with LCD panels, and high-tech TVs with OLED panels.

About the LED TV line, there are three types: IPS, VA, and TN. These are terms for how the liquid crystals in LCD panels are arranged. IPS panels are the most common of the three types listed above. Some people have found that when they lightly touch the screen with a VA candle, the VA screen flickers and makes them feel uncomfortable, while the viewing angle of a TN candle is too small. LG LED TV reviews say that an IPS screen is the best way to get the most out of your TV.

1. The LG UQ75 2021 is the best LG TV in the middle price range.

This one, unlike the LG OLED models like the LG C2 OLED, has an LED backlight and an IPS-type panel, so it looks much worse in a dark room than the OLED models. Still, it’s a good TV for a room with more light. It has a wide viewing angle, which makes it a great choice if you have a lot of seats or like to move around while watching TV. It does a great job of dealing with reflections and has a good peak brightness, so glare isn’t a problem.

Even though the picture quality isn’t as good as on LG’s more expensive models, it has the same smart interface and great gaming features. It has very low input lag for a responsive gaming experience. It also supports G-SYNC, FreeSync, and HDMI Forum VRR, so you can play games from almost any source without tearing. It also has two HDMI ports that can play games at 4k @ 120Hz, which is great for Xbox Series X or PS5 gamers. It also comes with LG’s easy-to-use Magic Remote and has the same great smart features as more expensive models.
Unfortunately, models with an IPS-like panel, like the 65-inch one we bought, aren’t good for dark rooms because they have a low contrast ratio and make blacks look gray. It also uses pulse width modulation to dim its backlight at all brightness levels. Since it flickers at 120Hz, there is image duplication with fast-moving content, which can be distracting and cause headaches if you are sensitive to flicker. Also, it doesn’t get very bright in SDR, but if there are a few lights around, it can handle reflections pretty well.
It comes with the smart platform Google TV, which is easy to use and has a lot of apps you can download. Its voice assistant makes it easy to open apps and look for content, so you can easily stream your favorite shows and movies. Even if you watch content through a cable box, it has no trouble making lower-resolution content look more like real life. The LG UQ75 replaced this TV in 2022, but it’s too bad that the new model doesn’t come in sizes smaller than 55 inches.

2. A review of the LG UP75’s design, connections, and controls

The LG UP75 is a basic model, and its cheap-looking design doesn’t change that. This is especially true when compared to the Samsung AU9000 and Hisense A6G, which both show that style and build quality can be kept at a reasonable price.

It has feet that make it 973 x 85 x 611mm (WDH) and weighs 8.1kg. The depth of the chassis reminds me of a CCFL model, and the 12mm bezel around the top and sides and 15mm bezel along the bottom make it look even more like an older TV.

The UP75 is black and sits on two feet that leave 65mm of space under the picture and 780mm between the feet for anyone who wants to add a soundbar. If you’d rather mount it on the wall, the back has 200 x 200mm VESA fixings.

3. Review of the LG UP75: Smart TV platform

The LG UP75 has the same webOS smart system as the company’s high-end TVs. This is one area where this TV’s status as an entry-level model doesn’t show in its features.

The main screen of the system is a full page. As you scroll down, more rows appear. Three information blocks are at the top, followed by what’s popular, a row of all the apps, the “Home Dashboard” with all the connected devices, a row of new releases, and then rows for each streaming service.

4. Review of the LG UP75: Picture quality

Even though the LG UP75 has an IPS panel with a direct LED backlight, the screen uniformity with a full-field pattern is very patchy, and this is especially noticeable in darker scenes. Also, the IPS panel has a wider range of optimal viewing angles, but the contrast is not very good.

Even though this TV doesn’t have local dimming, it does have a global dimming feature that turns off the backlight when a black signal is sent. This made it impossible to measure the actual contrast ratio. You probably don’t want to look at a black screen, so this isn’t very useful. Also, the contrast isn’t very good, so black looks more like a dark grey.

5. Review of the LG UP75: How HDR works

The LG UP75 has the same HDR problems that are common with less expensive 4K TVs, especially when it comes to brightness and color range. In Dynamic mode, the LG can reach around 300cd/m2 on both a 10% window and a full-field pattern. In Filmmaker mode, this brightness drops to around 290cd/m2 on both patterns.

The UP75 can cover all of the colors in the BT.709 gamut used for SDR, but it has trouble with the wider gamut used for HDR. It can only cover 86% of the DCI-P3 color gamut in Filmmaker Mode. But on the plus side, it’s very accurate within this limited gamut, and the average DeltaE for HDR colors is only 2.8, which is just below the threshold of being able to be seen.

6. A review of the LG UP75’s sound

If there’s one good thing about the LG UP75’s deep chassis, it’s that there’s more room for a pair of decent downward-firing speakers. When combined with 10W of amplification for each channel, the results are passable, if not exactly impressive. At least the TV has a good front soundstage, and the dialogue, voice-overs, and commentary can all be heard clearly.


We looked at the LG UQ75 TV to see if it’s worth buying. I hope you find what you’re looking for and enjoy your entertainment time as much as possible.


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