The Best Sony TVs for 2023 Are Cheap, Expensive, And Smart.

Sony makes some of the best TVs on the market, including some awesome OLED models. You’ve come to the right place if you want to buy a new Sony TV. We’ve put together a list of the best Sony TVs on the market right now, from basic LCD TVs to high-end 4K OLED TVs.

But what should you be looking for in a Sony TV? Which is the best one for you? Here is a quick buyer’s guide to help you figure out what to buy…

1. Sony XR-55A95K

Even though the 2022 Sony A95K isn’t the new dawn of TV technology that some people may have been hoping for, it does show that QD-OLED is better than standard OLED in some ways, like being able to show more detail and colors.

The design is simple, and the folding stand can be put in front of the screen. This means that the TV can be mounted pretty close to the wall. With two subwoofers and Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, this TV has very good sound by TV standards.


The quick one Google TV has a lot of apps, such as a Netflix app that works with both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The A95K also lets you use Sony’s high-quality streaming service, called Bravia Core.

LG’s C2 and G2 are better for Xbox Series X and high-end PC gamers, but the Sony A95K is the best for movies and TV shows at any resolution. This is the Sony TV that is the “gold standard.”

2. Sony XR-55A80K

The 2022 A80K has really high-end specs, like a new-generation OLED screen that makes the screen brighter without causing screen burn. When you add Sony’s XR Contrast feature, which uses advanced power management to boost color and contrast without affecting black levels, you get a truly stunning picture.

From the front, the A80K looks like a nearly borderless rectangle sitting on simple, thin, silver “skate blade” feet that try not to take your attention away from what’s happening on the screen. Sony’s always-impressive Acoustic Surface audio system, which makes sound by vibrating the screen itself, is also present and working.

The connections on the A80K are good enough, but not as good as we’d like. This means that, even though it has four HDMI ports, only two of them can handle the 4K/120Hz and VRR features that Xbox Series X and PS5 owners want these days. One of these two 4K/120Hz HDMI ports must also be the eARC port on the TV.

Still, the A80K is hard to beat if you’re looking for a Sony OLED TV with beautiful natural images and good sound.

3. Sony XR-48A90K

Sony tried to make the 48-inch A90K as small as possible in terms of its design. The display itself is surrounded by a black bezel that is only 8mm thick at the top and about 12mm thick on the sides and bottom. The low-profile stand is only 50cm wide and 23cm deep, which makes it easy to find furniture with enough space for the TV.

The picture quality is almost perfect. The picture quality alone makes this one of the best 48-inch TVs we’ve seen. The A90K sounds good for a small TV because it has Acoustic Surface Audio+ technology, but we recommend that you add a soundbar.

Hardcore gamers may be disappointed that the PS5 doesn’t have HGiG mode, but the Auto HDR Tone Mapping feature makes it so that the picture will always look pretty good.

All in all, the Sony XR-48A90K is a great buy. It is Sony’s best OLED for people who don’t have room for its new A95K QD-OLED.

4. Sony XR-55A80J

Don’t want to spend a lot of money on the great but expensive A95K? The A80J is a good “step-down flagship.” It doesn’t look as good as the A95K at first glance, but it’s a lot cheaper. At the What Hi-Fi Awards 2021, it won “Best 55-58in TV.”

The A80J is about as sharp and detailed as Sony’s top model, the A90J, which puts it head and shoulders above most competitors in this area. Every shot is really beautiful and clear.

Even the sound is impressive. Sony’s OLEDs use a technology called Acoustic Surface Audio. Instead of using traditional speaker drivers, this technology makes the whole screen vibrate. The A80J system has only half as much power as the A90J (a total of 30W instead of 60W), but it is still better than many other brands.

Netflix content is available on the A80J and is shown in 4K, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos when the content allows. Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV are also available.

This is the best Sony TV that you can get for a reasonable price.

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It’s clear that Sony’s TVs are of the highest quality. They are perfect in every way, from the way they look to the way they work to the entertainment apps they have and the smart features they have. They are also more durable than other TV brands. Sony’s TVs cost more than other brands as well. The TV, on the other hand, is much better than that.



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