The 5+ Best TVs REVIEW From [A-Z]

Everyone has various demands, making it challenging to locate the finest television on the market. But, you can quickly focus your search by looking for the greatest option within your budget range. The finest picture quality is provided by high-end Televisions, but they are also pricey. If you want something cheaper, you’ll have to give up some features, but most 4K TVs are sufficient for the majority of content. The best TV to buy also depends on what you watch and where you want to put it; if you watch a lot of 4k HDR content, you might want a high-end TV, but if you only use a cable box to watch the news in a dark room, you can save money.

These are our choices for the top TVs available now after nine years of purchasing and testing more than 375 different models. Check out our selections for the best smart TVs, greatest gaming TVs, and best affordable TVs as well. Please vote on which 2023 lineups you want us to purchase and test first as the majority of brands will shortly begin to release their 2023 models. Visit our 2023 TV lineup page to learn more about the models in 2023.

OLED Samsung S95B

The Samsung S95B OLED is the greatest TV we’ve tested. It is an excellent TV with a ton of extra features and stunning picture quality. Because to its virtually infinite contrast ratio and flawless black uniformity, it appears amazing in a dark environment without any distracting blooming around bright portions of the screen. Due to the high peak brightness and wide color gamut of HDR material, images look spectacular and colors are exceptionally rich and lifelike.

A wide variety of streaming apps and games are available on the built-in Tizen OS smart interface, which is simple to use. With support for 4k @ 120Hz gaming on all four HDMI ports and variable refresh rate technology to lessen screen tearing, it’s a great Display for console players seeking to get the most out of their new Xbox Series X or PS5. Even Xbox Cloud Gaming is supported, allowing you to play the newest Xbox titles without having to buy pricey additional hardware.

OLED Sony A95K

Even though the Samsung S95B OLED is the greatest option for the majority of users, the Sony A95K OLED is a little superior but more expensive option if you’re searching for the ultimate home theater experience. It produces an image with almost exact picture quality to the S95B, with inky blacks and vivid, bright colors. Dolby Vision support, which offers an HDR experience that is more optimized and is supported by more devices than Samsung’s competing HDR10+ format, makes it stand out.

If you choose to use eARC to streamline your connections, you’ll have the best audio experience possible because it also includes greater audio format support, including DTS:X via DTS-HD. Finally, even though it has a different smart interface, it still has a ton of the same fantastic capabilities as the Samsung TV, including support for 4k @ 120Hz gaming. It also has a wonderful range of streaming apps.

QLED from Samsung QN90B

Check out the Samsung QN90B QLED if you’re looking for a less expensive option than the Samsung S95B OLED but nevertheless offers amazing picture quality. The picture quality is still fantastic, but it’s not quite as nice for a completely dark environment. As opposed to the Sony A95K OLED or the S95B, which feature flawless contrast with no blooming, this device employs a Mini LED backlight rather than an OLED display, which results in some distracting blooming around bright objects in dark settings.

Yet, it shares almost all of the S95B’s characteristics, including the excellent variety of gaming features and HDMI 2.1 bandwidth. It is offered in a huge variety of sizes, ranging from a compact 43-inch model that is perfect for a bedroom or office to a giant 85-inch model for the best possible home theater experience. With a broad viewing angle, deep blacks, and a wide color gamut for HDR content, all sizes offer the same outstanding picture quality. It utilizes Samsung’s Tizen OS smart interface, which is exceptionally user-friendly and runs a wide range of streaming apps.


The LG C2 OLED is the greatest mid-range TV we’ve tested. It is a high-end TV that offers amazing picture quality, especially in dimly lit spaces; there is no blooming around bright objects because of its nearly infinite contrast ratio. Whether you’re playing a video game or watching a movie, it looks excellent in dimly lit spaces. The reflection handling is amazing, and it becomes bright enough to combat glare even in fairly lit environments. Nevertheless, because it doesn’t use quantum dot technology, the colors aren’t as vibrant as those of the Samsung S95B OLED or the Samsung QN90B QLED.

Because it has no trouble upscaling lower-resolution content, including DVDs and native 4K movies, it’s a great TV for watching a variety of entertainment. If you stream your favorite television shows and films, its built-in webOS smart system is extremely simple to use. The QN90B is a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for a mid-range TV with better brightness to combat glare because it works best in a dark or dim environment.

Hessen U8H

The Hisense U8H is the greatest lower mid-range TV we’ve tested if you want high-end features but are on a budget. A bright room’s glare is readily eliminated by this outstanding TV’s great peak brightness and excellent handling of reflections. It’s also great for watching movies in a dimly lit space. It produces deep, consistent blacks in a dark space with very little blooming around light objects because to its excellent Micro LED local dimming capability and high contrast ratio.

It features excellent out-of-the-box accuracy and a large color gamut, making colors true and lifelike regardless of the content you’re viewing. You won’t need to acquire an external streaming box because the built-in Google TV smart interface has a vast range of apps and is simple to use. If dark room performance is crucial to you, the Samsung S95B OLED and the LG C2 OLED have deeper blacks than this display, so it isn’t quite as good.
The televisions we suggest above are the ones we believe are currently the best for the majority of consumers in each price category. We consider the cost (a less expensive TV prevails over a more expensive one if the price difference isn’t significant), comments from visitors, and availability (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).


Here is a list of all of our TV reviews if you want to perform the selection work on your own. Be careful not to become bogged down in the particulars. While there are no perfect TVs, the majority of them are excellent enough to satisfy most people, and the differences are frequently not apparent unless you carefully search for them.

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