Reviews The 5 Best TVs For Bright Rooms In 2023

If you want to put your TV in a bright room, you should buy one that handles reflections well and has good brightness levels so that bright light sources, like windows, don’t make the screen hard to see. Better handling of reflections makes it easier to lessen the brightness of reflections from windows or lamps. High brightness is important to get rid of the remaining glare so you can see what you’re watching and not just a reflection, as if your TV were a mirror.

Samsung QN90B QLED

The Samsung QN90B QLED is the best TV we’ve tried for bright rooms. It’s the best 4k TV in Samsung’s line of 2022 TVs, and it has a lot of features that make it a great choice for a bright room. It has a Mini LED backlight, which makes the TV very bright. This, along with the fact that it handles reflections very well, means that you won’t have any trouble using it in a well-lit room, even if you put it next to a bright window.

It comes with Tizen OS, which makes it easy to stream your favorite sports and TV shows. It’s an easy-to-use smart platform with a lot of apps you can download. The included remote has a microphone you can use with the Bixby voice assistant to open your favorite apps and change inputs. It has a very wide viewing angle, which makes it a great choice for watching shows or sports in a large room with lots of seats, since the image looks the same from any angle.

The Terrace Samsung

Most of these choices are for TVs that work well in bright rooms, but what if you want to watch TV outside? The Samsung The Terrace is the best TV we’ve tried outside. Even if you put your TV in an enclosure outside, it’s easy for light to get through, so you need something that gets bright enough and cuts down on reflections well. This TV is great for that because it can be used in direct sunlight and is the brightest TV we’ve tested. The way it handles reflections is also great, so it looks great in any outdoor setup.

It’s a well-made TV because it’s made to be left outside. It’s rated IP55 for water resistance, so you won’t have to worry too much if it rains. With the built-in Tizen smart platform, you won’t need to connect an extra box to stream your favorite content, and the built-in speakers are good enough to use without a soundbar. It’s also a lot more expensive than the Samsung QN90B QLED, so most people would be better off with the QN90B unless they plan to use this outside.

Hisense U8H

The Hisense U8H is the best mid-range TV we’ve tried for bright rooms. During the day, it’s a great TV to watch shows or sports. It uses the same Mini LED technology as the Samsung QN90B QLED. This lets it get very bright to get rid of glare, and it handles reflections very well. Unlike the QN90B, though, it has a narrow viewing angle, so it’s not as good overall, especially if you have a wide seating arrangement because the image gets worse when viewed from the side.

It’s also a great TV for gaming because the input lag is low and the response time is fast. It has a lot of great gaming features, like HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for 4k @ 120Hz gaming on the Xbox Series S|X or the PS5. It uses the Google TV smart interface, which is easy to use and has a wide range of apps for streaming. It also has a lot of smart features, like hands-free voice control with Google Assistant or Alexa, which makes it easy to find the content you want to watch.

TCL 5 Series/S555 2022 QLED

The TCL 5 Series/S555 2022 QLED is the best cheap TV we’ve tried for a room with a lot of light. It’s a good TV for a bright room because it has a bright peak brightness and a good way of dealing with reflections. This means it can handle glare in a room with average lighting. Its semi-gloss coating does a good job of reducing direct reflections, but it also causes some smearing, so it’s not as good for a room with a lot of windows as the Hisense U8H. It has a good amount of color, and the colors get bright enough to stand out even in scenes with a lot of light.

It uses the Roku OS smart interface, which has a wide range of streaming channels, making it easy to find your favorite shows. The fast response time and low input lag make it a great TV for gaming during the day. It also has some great features for gaming, like the ability to change the refresh rate to reduce tearing, but unlike the more expensive models on this list, it can only refresh at 60Hz.

TCL 4 Series/S455 2022

The TCL 4 Series/S455 2022 is the best cheap TV we’ve tried for a bright room. It’s a good TV that handles reflections well enough to help cut down on glare in a bright room. It has average peak brightness, so it can’t handle a lot of natural light, but it’s still a good choice for a kitchen or spare bedroom where you won’t be watching TV all the time. It has a great contrast ratio, handles gradients well, and does a good job of upscaling, so the picture quality is amazing.

It comes with Roku OS, which is fast and easy to use, and it has a good selection of streaming services, so you can find your favorite content quickly. It doesn’t have as many extra features as the more expensive TVs on this list, so it’s not the best choice for gamers who want things like HDMI 2.1 bandwidth or variable refresh rate support.

All View

Our suggestions above are what we think are the best TVs for bright rooms in each price range for most people right now. We look at the price (a cheaper TV beats a more expensive one if the price difference isn’t worth it), the feedback from our visitors, and the availability of the product (no TVs that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

If you’d rather choose for yourself, here is a list of all the TVs we’ve reviewed and what we thought of them. Don’t let the details distract you too much. Even though no TV is perfect, most are good enough to please almost everyone, and the differences are often hard to spot unless you look for them.


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