Review Samsung AU7000 65 Inch : Best PurColor Powered TV?

The Samsung AU7000 is a great 4K TV for people just starting out. It is part of Samsung’s 2021 line. It has a lot of contrast and a lot of dark depth, and the colors are both natural and rich. The AU7000 series of TVs are built on a solid Smart TV platform that runs Tizen OS and has many apps.

The AU7000 does well in 4K as well. Standard-definition video scaling is also great, making pictures that are clear, sharp, and full of details. The AU7000 TV doesn’t do as well as it could with HDR because it doesn’t have a high peak brightness or a wide color gamut.
If these things don’t bother you, you should look at an otherwise great 4K TV. This “Samsung au7000 65-inch review” will look at all the important things about the TV that could affect your choice.

1. Samsung 65 Au7000 Review: Design

However, it is now a standard feature on many TVs. Because of this, the AU7000 looks better and costs more. The Samsung TU7100, like its predecessor, has two sturdy legs that can be easily pushed into the bottom of the TV. You don’t need any screws or tools.

In the Samsung au7000 65-inch review, legs that are a little different from the TU7100 legs give the TV very good stability and keep vibrations to a minimum when you move the screen forward and backward. The AU7000’s panel is about 6 cm deep, which isn’t too deep. Overall, the Samsung AU7000 seems to be made well and not cheaply.


Except for the LAN connector and the power cable connection, the TV’s communication ports are on the side. This makes it easier to mount the TV on the wall. The simplest way to set up a cable is to have the output come from one of the legs.

2. Review of the Samsung AU7000 4K UHD Smart TV: Picture Quality

In general, the quality of its pictures is good. The picture is bright and full of color, and most people will be happy with the result. The TV can’t make blacks as dark as OLED screens can, but the picture seems to be alive. The contrast ratio of the used VA panel is 5000, which is very high.
The Samsung AU7000 TV doesn’t have as many viewing angles as TVs with IPS screens. As you move away from the center of the screen, the contrast and color performance get worse. Our review of the au7000 UHD 4k Smart tv says that this TV is not for big businesses. The picture is made by its Crystal 4K processor.


Compared to earlier versions, the way colors are shown is still fine. The AU7000 panel doesn’t have a wide range of colors, which makes colors less bright. In HDR mode, the brightness can’t get any brighter than 300 nits.

3.Review of the 65-inch Samsung AU7000: Motion Processing and Game Mode

The Samsung AU7000’s response time is about 19 milliseconds, which is a little slower than the Samsung AU8000’s response time. The AU7000 is a good gaming screen, but it doesn’t do much to make the PS5 and Xbox Series X stand out.

Algorithms that improve the clarity of moving objects predict and automatically adjust for frames, so the picture can change as soon as something changes on the screen. Automatic Low Latency Mode lets the AU7000 know when you’re ready to play (ALLM).

After that, it goes into game mode, which lowers the output delay (called “input lag”) to 10ms. So, our Samsung au7000 review tells us that the display’s refresh rate is increased to 100 Hz by its Motion Xcelerator technology.

4. Review of the AU7000 UHD 4K Smart TV: Smart TV

The AU7000 has the same Tizen 6.0 OS as other 2021 Samsung TVs. It looks a little different than it did last year, but the differences are just for looks and don’t affect how it works. At the bottom of the screen, a launcher pops up with all the menus, settings, and program icons.

The second line may be higher when certain apps are chosen. It shows a variety of things, such as suggestions and information.

As usual, there are a lot of apps for the Tizen platform, and when you load them, the interface may get too full. This is why you need tools to help you organize, and Tizen lets you put your apps in any order you want.

It makes using a smartphone easier with its Tap View feature. Touch your phone to the TV, and the small screen on your phone will appear on the big screen in all its glory.

5. Review of the Samsung Au7000: How the Sound Is

The sound on the AU7000 TV is very basic, with two downward-firing stereo speakers that put out a total of 20 watts. If you want more from your sound, you might want to buy a soundbar and use it with eARC. In this case, you can use the Q-Symphony function.

The Samsung 7 Series 2021 has a simpler version called Lite. When you add a soundbar to a Samsung TV’s power, it makes the sound more immersive.

Even though it seems simple, this technology works like a symphony orchestra. It does this by coordinating the TV and soundbar speakers so that they both play music at the same time. There’s no hold up. And none of this needs to be set up in a hard way.

6. A review of the Samsung AU7000 65-inch TV:


With its AU7000 series, Samsung has fixed this by putting back the fewer HDMI ports. The number is now up to three. There is still only one USB port, as well as a standard CI interface slot and digital optical output. WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 are both ways to talk without wires. You can also connect to the Internet through the LAN port.


Price is the most important thing to think about when choosing this kind of device. And everything else should be judged by this. Is it a bad idea to get the AU7000? If you watch it on a 4K HDR screen, you only get half of the experience.
It just doesn’t have the power to make HDR video really interesting. But if you’re on a tight budget, we think the Samsung AU7000 is a great model that can give you many hours of daily viewing pleasure, whether you’re streaming, broadcasting, or playing games.But the AU8000 does a few things better than the AU8000.


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