Review Samsung 55-Inch 6 Series 4K Smart TV In 2023

Samsung’s latest line of 4K TVs, the MU Series, came out earlier this year. The 6 and 7 series are part of the MU Series. These TVs range from mid-range to high-end and have both flat and curved screens. All of these TVs come in different sizes, from 40 inches to 75 inches and even bigger. The Samsung MU6470 is a flat-screen TV that can work with HDR+. The price of the MU6470 is Rs. 139,900*. Why should someone buy a Samsung 55-inch TV when there are cheaper models with smaller screens? Let’s look into it.

1. Design

There are three sizes of the Samsung MU6470: 49, 55, and 65 inches. The 55-inch model is the one we are going to talk about. It is big enough for a good-sized room and should look good in your home. It looks like the Samsung KU6470 TV. Screen size, type of bezel, and TV stand are all about the same. The TV is made to look sleek and thin. It is made of plastic all over and has a thin metal bezel around the edge. It looks like silver and is about a centimeter long. This gives the TV a high-end look.

The logo is pressed into the middle of the front of the TV. The two speaker grills are close to each other at the bottom. The TV’s back panel has a brush-like finish and looks pretty clean. The back doesn’t have much going on. All of the ports are on the right side and are easy to get to.The TV has a polished stand in the shape of a Y that makes it look stylish. It is strong enough to hold the TV. But its Y-shaped shape takes up a lot of room. Along with the Samsung MU6470 4K TV comes a Smart remote. It is made of hard plastic and has a curved shape. This remote has a button for Voice search, which was not there before. In addition to a few small rubberized buttons, there is a small rubberized disc for navigation and two trigger-like buttons for controlling the volume and TV channels. This makes it easy to control or get to content.

2. Features

The resolution of the Samsung MU6470 4K Smart TV is 3840 x 2160. It has a quad-core processor, which should help the operating system run better and apps load faster. HDR+ works with the Samsung MU6470. We’ve all heard of HDR, which is now found in many Full HD and 4K TVs. TV makers say that HDR helps improve the quality of the picture by adjusting the levels of color, brightness, sharpness, and contrast.When it comes to the interface, it is easy to use and looks good. The menus and settings are all set up in a nice way. The latest Tizen operating system is used by the MU6470. There are only a few apps installed, like NetFlix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Box TV, and a web browser. All of these things should be enough to keep you busy for hours. There is a Samsung app store where you can find and download apps that you like. There is a Samsung Smart Hub that makes it much easier to find and get to content. You click once and get all the content in one place.

The Samsung MU6470 has an auto-detection feature that makes it easy to find and connect external devices. It shows the name of a device as soon as it is connected. With the Samsung Smart View app, you can connect your phone or tablet to the TV, just like you can with other TVs. You can stream photos, videos, and movies from your phone at any time with this app. You can get the app for both Android and iOS devices. If you have more than one Samsung Smart TV at home, this app makes it easy to control all of them. With Wi-Fi Direct, you can wirelessly connect your phone, tablet, or hard drive to the TV.

The Samsung MU6470 4K Smart TV has three HDMI ports and two USB ports for connecting to other devices. ARC works with one of the three HDMI ports. The goal of HDMI ARC is to connect the audio device to the TV with just one cable. CEC is also built into the Samsung MU6470. This lets you control all of the HDMI devices connected to the TV with just the TV remote. You can also connect a wireless mouse, keyboard, or game controller to the TV using USB or Bluetooth HID. This is helpful if you want to connect more things to the TV but don’t want to use more USB ports.

There are also Composite, Component, Digital Audio Out, LAN port, and other ways to connect. The Samsung MU6470 also has a feature called “ConnectShare,” which lets you move files from one drive to another without using a laptop or PC. When it comes to sound, the TV speakers have 160W of power. This should make the sound louder.

3. Performance

When you turn on the Samsung MU6470 for the first time, it has a short transition effect to welcome you. The TV’s interface is well-organized, and it comes with the latest version of the Tizen operating system. It is easy to understand and use. The TV comes with a smart remote, which is easy to set up. When you press the Home button, you can go to the Samsung Smart Hub, which is a place where you can find popular apps and content. It also has a source option and quick settings.

We looked at some 4K sample photos and Blu-ray quality movies to test the picture quality. The picture on the TV is very good. The colors were bold and eye-catching. The details in pictures and movies were good, and the saturation was about right. Even things that moved quickly in the movies looked clear because the colors were bright. The black-and-white levels were great. You can choose between four different picture modes: Dynamic, Standard, Natural, and Movie. The TV was set to Standard mode by default. The viewing angles were fine, and it was still great to be close to the TV and watch it.

Like other TVs, it has settings for the picture that experts use to make the picture look its best. HDR+ works with the Samsung MU6470. Samsung says that this technology makes colors look more natural and helps you tell foreground objects from things in the background. There isn’t much HDR content online, and it can be hard to find. We were finally able to get a 4K HDR version of Life of Pi, which we watched on the TV with the HDR+ mode on and off. We saw that the video was brighter when HDR+ mode was turned on. The movie Li of Pi is made with computer graphics, and some scenes have bright blue and green colors. We saw a greenish-blue tint when HDR+ was turned on. Another interesting thing about the Samsung MU6470 is that it automatically switches to HDR+ mode when you play HDR content on it.


The Samsung MU6470 is a 4K Smart TV that looks great and will match the style of your home. The picture quality on the TV is excellent, and it works with HDR+. We thought it was more like the Samsung 50-inch KU6000 4K TV that we had already reviewed. If you just want a Samsung TV with a great picture and don’t mind giving up size, the 50-inch KU6000 is what we would recommend. The MU6470 4K Smart TV comes with an interesting and easy-to-use new operating system. The Samsung MU6470 has smart features like Screen Mirroring, Voice Search, and Auto-detection of external devices, just like other 4K TVs. At Rs. 139,900*, the Samsung MU6470 is too expensive. If this TV had been made by Samsung, the sound would have been better. It wasn’t all that great.

If you just want a big screen and don’t want to give up on picture quality, the Samsung MU6470 is what we would suggest. The Samsung UE49MU6470UXXU is what you can look for if you want a smaller screen.


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