Review Of The Best Wireless Headphones For Glasses Wearers For 2023

Comfort is always important while using headphones for gaming or other purposes. Yet, it’s not always easy to get this comfort if you wear glasses.
The discomfort caused by the glasses’ arms is pretty irritating. It can take a while to adjust the arms while using earcups. Even so, you won’t always be able to get it quite right.

Review of the Best Wireless Headphones for Glasses Wearers

You don’t want to experience discomfort while wearing headphones as an audiophile. Particularly when your spectacles are one of the main causes of the discomfort, it feels like shit.

Because of this, I’ve carefully selected some of the top wireless headphones for people who wear glasses in this article. These headphones promise to deliver superior sound quality in addition to comfort. So why are we still waiting?

1. Marshall Mid ANC

A well-known brand in the audio kit sector is Marshall. Most of their items, from their amplifiers to their earbuds, are of the highest caliber. Having said that, this headset from them has some excellent specifications:

This Marshall model replaces the Marshall Mid Wireless headset that was previously available. In this version, the Active Noise Cancellation mode has been added. Also, this model’s design, which appears cozy and elegant, is pretty comparable to that of its predecessor.

The right earcup houses the additional noise cancellation slider. Speaking of the earcups, they have a smooth padding and a comfortable headband. These cups’ square design makes it easy to firmly block all types of room noise.

The switch that operates this wireless headset is now located on the left earcup. The control is made comparatively easier by this switch. And the fascinating aspect is that I frequently wonder why most brands don’t opt for this type of switch on their models.

I would say the quality is fairly decent in terms of performance. The sound is generally pretty clear, and the bass is not overpowering. The effectiveness of the noise canceling is mediocre. Generally, you won’t hear any noises that your gaming rig’s fans might make. Apart from this, whether the ANC is on or disabled has no real impact on the sound quality.

2. The ATH-DSR7BT from Audio Technica

Most audiophiles are loyal to the brand Audio Technica. The reason is because they sell high-quality headphones for affordable prices. The model I’m going to talk about now has some of the best features available.
This particular model would be a fantastic choice if you desire something with a simplistic style. It appears straightforward yet has a fine touch throughout. The stainless accents look fantastic with the black and grey color scheme.

Let me now share with you the excellent feature of these wireless headphones.

It is constructed in such a way as to give you the maximum amount of comfort. The earcups are made of premium leather, which makes them ideal for usage for extended periods of time. Nonetheless, the left earcup has a wide range of adjustability.

3. Sony WH-1000MX4

Sony is more than just Playstations and excellent HD Televisions. They have a number of outstanding audio items under their belt. When it comes to quality, these headphones are without a doubt the best in their class.
In particular, the model I’ll discuss is one of your best possibilities if you wear glasses. It identifies the following noteworthy characteristics:

This Sony model is the follow-up to the WH-1000MX3, which rivaled the Bose QuietComfort line in the marketplace. The WH-1000MX4, however, is primarily a marginally enhanced version of the 1000MX3. Sony attempted to cover up certain shortcomings in the previous model with this one.

It has a somewhat subtle design. Nonetheless, this headphone’s portability is due to its modest weight. In fact, it’s among the lightest premium wireless headphones available today.
Everyone who uses it will experience the utmost comfort thanks to the well-padded earcups. After using it, I loved that even though there was a headband, I didn’t feel like it was there. The pressure on the sides of the ears and the top of the head progressively decreases as a result of this ease. You cannot get much better as a person who wears glasses.

A multipoint connection that lets you connect your phone and desktop at the same time is one of the new features Sony added to this model.

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II,

This Bose model is ideal if you want headphones that are specifically designed to provide you with the best noise canceling performance.
The wireless and noise-cancelling features of these headphones work flawlessly together. You can’t get better than it. Despite this, this headphone boasts some of the best features available.

These headphones allow for voice communication thanks to a special Google assistant button.

All you have to do to accomplish that is link it to the Bose Connect app. I was quite impressed with this function. Simply press the designated button to have Google Assistant read out notifications and texts. You will be able to respond with your voice, which is the fun part. Sounds exciting… isn’t it?

5. Sennheiser PXC 550-II

Two companies come to mind when we consider headphones with the best noise cancelling capabilities. Namely, Sony and Bose. Their headphones have long held the top spot in the industry. Yet, this Sennheiser model is the only one that can truly compete with those models.

Some of the best alternatives are available from Sennheiser at affordable costs. And this model has exactly the same characteristics. The pricing of this headphone is comparable to the functions it offers.

It has a rather understated appearance. But that does not imply that it is overly boring. You’ll think the headband’s matte finish and leatherette details are stylish. The earcups are also ear-shaped, allowing for a snug fit. In the end, it aids in the effort to muffle the room’s background noise. Although the materials used to make the cups are pleasant, some people may find them to be a little too tight.


We can all relate to how annoying it is when our glasses frequently make it difficult to enjoy great music. But that’s no longer a problem. This issue with glasses wearers can be resolved by the headphones I’ve gathered for this review. Each of these headphones attempts to give an audiophile the best experience possible while also being the most comfortable. The Bose QuietComfort II is my top pick from this list. Depending on your demands, the other models on the list are also suitable for consideration.

Also, selecting the ideal one can be difficult. But rest assured that the options on this list are the best possible ones for you.

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