Review Of The Bengoo G9000 Headset Before Purchasing (2023)

The gaming headset is quite important for gamers. It resembles one of the key tools in their toolbox for playing video games.

Most of the time, poor sound quality destroys the gaming atmosphere. It won’t excite you if you don’t accurately feel what you are playing.

A top-notch gaming headset is therefore necessary.

Yet, there are a lot of possibilities available for purchase. Now with that said, the majority of the top-end ones have a hefty price.

You’re OK, buddy! This Bengoo gaming headset is exactly what you need. When the factors of price and performance are present, it is the middle ground.

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Can it, however, really meet your needs? Let’s investigate.

Let’s quickly review the specifications before getting into the review:


  • 40 mm speaker size
  • 20 mm Plush Leatherette Ear Cushions
  • Range of Frequencies: 15 kHz to 20 kHz
  • 6 x 0.5 mm microphone
  • 105 +/- 3 dBa of sensitivity
  • 49-inch cable length
  • Supported devices include the PlayStation 4, PC, laptop, iPad, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, and mobile phones.

1. Audio caliber

Everyone views sound quality in a headset as the most important aspect. If the output of your headset doesn’t satisfy you when you’re gaming, your need isn’t met.
That is an important matter to think about because it might eventually have an impact on how well you play video games.

Imagine you are playing a multiplayer shooting game like PUBG and you are unable to hear your opponent’s footsteps clearly. You might then get killed, which will lead to eventual frustration.

You might therefore feel the necessity for a top-notch gaming headset.
In my perspective, the Bengoo G9000 stereo gaming headset partially reduces that demand. It will provide you with clear audio output, which is superior to most other modern models.

For those who enjoy listening to heavy bass music, this model is advantageous. At the time of testing, the powerful bass really struck me. You’ll adore this model if you’re a regular gamer, I wager.
Because of its low price, this device won’t actually provide high-end audio outputs. Hence, don’t anticipate the same degree of performance from a headset as you would get from a Bose or Sony product. Nonetheless, you ought to maintain some realism in your aspirations.

Yet, this model may guarantee you an immersive audio experience while playing routine video games.

2. Comfort

The quality of your play might be significantly impacted by distractions or unease. When the area around the ears becomes scratchy or stiff during playing, nobody feels good.
Such things can be a big deal, especially during lengthy game sessions. The headset that offers the most comfort in that situation ought to be the best choice.

Let’s now discuss the Bengoo G9000.

This headphone is portable and quite simple to carry. The cushions inside are smooth and comfortable. And the head strap prevents you from experiencing any discomfort at the top of your head.

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Some people might find the headset’s somewhat small ear openings uncomfortable. Yet, if your ears are larger than typical, a problem can occur. If you have larger ears, stay away from this model as it could possibly be uncomfortable.

Yet even if that isn’t the case for you, there’s no denying that this headset offers the highest level of comfort.

3. Create Quality

Depending on the type of offering and the brand, build quality varies substantially. You’ll notice that most high-end companies’ models have incredibly sturdy construction.

I discovered these characteristics, at least, in the Bose and Razer headsets.

How long a model will survive depends on the materials used and how they were used to create the headset in its current form.

Particularly the headphone models with metal framing or even heavy-duty plastic have a significant role in the model’s durability and endurance.

Because of the strong plastic used to make it, the Begoo G9000 has a rigid construction. You can rest assured that unless you have a grudge against it, it won’t shatter easy.

4. Microphone

A microphone makes conversation in online games with your buddies incredibly simple. Nowadays, a microphone is included in almost all gaming headsets.

Because there is such a necessity, you must pay extra attention to this characteristic.

The audio quality will improve with a good in-ear headset microphone. You just need a model with a good mic if you broadcast games as a gamer on websites like Twitch.

You wouldn’t want to sound terrible, after all. To be honest, that would make you feel awful.
For my part, the majority of the gaming headphones I have used up to this point featured a good mic. I thought the results from this model were reasonable. I heard something positive from the person who was listening to me from the other side, at least.

Yet this microphone has one drawback, namely its extreme sensitivity. Your voice may occasionally get a little distorted as a result. It mostly seemed like I was yelling with the person on the other side when I spoke a little loudly.

And to be completely honest, you should refrain from doing this when playing multiplayer video games. So it might be upsetting or even disrespectful to your teammates.

Moreover, this gaming headset lacks ANC. There is some noise cancellation even if it is somewhat over the ear.

5. Suitability

Purchasing a headset that won’t work with your equipment or system is pointless. If you didn’t check the compatibility before buying, your money would be wasted.
There isn’t much of a compatibility problem with the Bengoo G9000. The 3.5 mm jack on any platform can be used to connect this gaming headset.

You are free to use this with their Xbox, PlayStation 4, or Computer at all.

This particular model, in my opinion, is one of the market’s most versatile gaming headsets right now.


aving said that, there are advantages and disadvantages to the Bengoo G9000 Stereo headset. The question is, however, whether your needs are met by this gaming headset.

I made an effort to provide readers a clear image of this particular model in this review. I covered all you needed to know to make the best purchase decision.

I think you understand what I said in this review article quite well. If anything is still unclear, please let me know in the comments.

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