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Review DualShock 4 Wireless Controller For PlayStation 4

In 2013, Sony launched the DualShock 4 controller along with the PlayStation 4.

Even now, years after introduction, this PS4 controller is still as pleasing to the sight as it is to the hands. This is despite the fact that there have been numerous modifications to the DualShock 4 controller since then, as well as numerous potentially better designs from competing tech companies.
The DualShock 4 controller’s completely ergonomic design, which makes gameplay seem natural and comfortable, is its most noticeable feature.

Tracking pad

The DualShock 4’s track pad, which functions as a button in and of itself, is what distinguishes it from comparable PS4 controllers. Since that there is a space between the button’s end and the controller’s body, it somewhat reminded us of a diving board.

The track pad on the PlayStation 4 controller has undergone a helpful redesign as part of recent updates. It now has a light bar above it, which adds a new dimension to your games by glowing in different colors depending on the type of action you’re taking and letting you know when it needs to be charged.

The track pad occasionally had trouble distinguishing between directions. Several directional swipes were used to designate different moves, and in some games, it was too much for the DualShock 4’s pad.


The share button and the option buttons are both a little too far from the central commands on the PS4 controller, requiring a stretch of the thumb to reach them.

It was difficult to organically jump up or down because our hands were so widely dispersed on the controller’s sides. It might not be an issue for those with larger paws, but it seemed like our mitts had to cross a small gap.
The DualShock PS4 controller is one of our favorites because Sony releases new and limited edition styles all the time. For instance, limited edition PlayStation F.C., GT Sport, and God of War controllers are currently available(opens in new tab).

Motion & Sound

The controller’s built-in speakers make the gaming experience more immersive. The audio you hear from your TV and during gameplay are both improved by using a controller, even though you can’t expect best-in-class audio quality from one.

Speaking of sound, if you feel the need to listen to those crucial extra sound effects in secret, there is a 3.5mm stereo audio connector for your headphones.

The PS4 controller has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. It is nothing new, yet both felt extremely sensitive, making gameplay more precise and fun.
Those Sticks, Analog

The analog sticks on the DualShock 4 are notably smaller than those on the previous model, with a reduced range of motion but higher precision. The protruding rings on the thumbsticks are clear evidence that they were also altered to be more ergonomic.

A D-Pad

The D-pad didn’t require much changes because it was nearly flawless even with the DualShock 3. The new D-pad is somewhat bigger than the old one and feels considerably cozier and more tactile.
The Shoulder Triggers and Buttons

The shoulder buttons on DualShock 4 now have a semi-elliptical form since they were changed to better match the controller’s new aesthetic. Moreover, their pressure-sensitivity was eliminated, just like the face buttons.

The DualShock 3’s triggers were quite difficult to keep down for extended periods of time, thus the new triggers were a great improvement. Although being smaller and slightly bent to reduce sliding, the new triggers still perform poorly when being held down. The only buttons that still have pressure sensitivity are the triggers.

Sony’s controllers have historically had issues with cross-platform compatibility. Because it lacked official drivers, the DualShock 3 failed to gain the same level of popularity as the wildly successful Xbox 360 controller as a PC controller. The latter, however, was Windows plug-and-play compatible.

Lighting Bar

When the controller was first released, the light bar caused some controversy, mostly since it couldn’t be turned off. Similar to how the speaker is utilized, it creates some great dynamic effects for video games, and the PS Camera can pick up the light to improve motion recognition.

That being said, the light bar felt like an unnecessary drain on the controller’s battery to people who didn’t care about the effects listed above or who simply had a PlayStation Camera. Even now, the light bar can only be muted, not turned off completely.

The Last Conclusion

Overall, the DualShock 4 is a controller that gets very close to being ideal. Compared to any of its predecessors, it adds a number of helpful features and is generally better constructed and more comfortable. Nevertheless, some of these functions can only be used with the PS4 itself.

In the end, the DualShock 4 controller is a wonderful piece of technology whose advantages vastly outweigh its drawbacks. Sony only needs to put in a little more effort and be more flexible, and DualShock 5 may very well surpass all previous game controllers.

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