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PDP Victrix Pro BFG Wireless Controller for PS5 – Review From [ A-Z]

The Victrix Pro BFG offers extensive customizability and top-notch performance for PS5, PS4, and PC despite being less expensive than many of the competitors. This is currently one of the greatest controllers available if you can do without vibration.
A professional controller for the PS5, PS4, and PC is the Victrix Pro BFG. I don’t want to get too metaphysical about a gamepad, but throughout the time I spent trying it, I kept hearing the Bruce Lee quote, “Be like water, my friend,” in my thoughts. So the BFG had a ploy in store for me no matter what game I chose to launch. There was no game I could throw this controller at and not have an advantage with, whether it was a different D-pad choice, a larger analog stick, or a “fightpad” attachment that gave me six face buttons. Even though it lacks some of the more deluxe custom features of other top PS5 controllers, this gamepad is simple, performance-focused, and a pleasure to use.

Features and Design

It’s challenging to discuss the controller’s design in terms of a fixed state because it functions more like a blank canvas that you can customize as you work on the ideal speedrun, the latest record, or the most impressive team kill. The Victrix Pro BFG is totally modular, just like some of the top PC controllers, so you can change up the facial parts with any of the attachments in the case to fit your preferences and the game you’re playing. These are yours if you enjoy offset sticks. There is a nostalgic option available if you like a conventional 4-way D-pad.

With a little USB dongle or in wired mode with USB-C, the Pro BFG can be used wirelessly. You should also be able to locate the dongle and a braided cable with a three-meter length within your seemingly bottomless case.

The fact that the tiny screws used to hold each module into place on this controller can’t be removed is one of its many design advantages. This is wonderful because items of this nature are the kind that are all too easily lost and can only be replaced by purchasing an entirely new controller. This strikes me as a good faith-builder that isn’t seen very frequently.


If you haven’t already guessed, the Victrix Pro BFG has been doing admirably in all the games I’ve been playing. The controller feels like the ideal instrument for the job, especially in games where I feel like I need a competitive edge. The design, gripping padding, and back buttons always feel good in the hands, even though I imagine I’ve changed and swapped more than most people will.

Regrettably, it’s not flawless. The Pro BFG does away with all vibration and haptic feedback features, much like the quickest supercars, which are reduced to their bare necessities to cater primarily to speed. I was disappointed right away, especially because I was playing first-party PlayStation 5 exclusives like God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West, but I didn’t miss it for very long. I stopped giving the extra functionality a second thought once it started actually aiding me in playing the games.

The back buttons in particular were quite easy to operate. They are positioned similarly to those on the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition or the Nacon Revolution Unlimited, with the exception that they are larger, easier to press, and feel like they were included with user comfort in mind. When playing competitive first-person shooter games like HUNT: Showdown or Apex Legends, which frequently call for constant camera control, I find that these back buttons give me a lot more usefulness. After just reviewing the DualSense Edge, this controller made me realize how much I missed having four extra buttons instead of just two.

What you lose by going third-party

Although the BFG has an official license, not all of the DualSense’s features are present in the BFG. Included in this are adaptable triggers, possibly the coolest breakthrough in console controller technology in recent years. It is logical to forego adaptable triggers in favor of trigger stops since this controller is mostly pro-style.

Along with that potentially significant loss, you’re also missing haptic feedback—in fact, rumbling entirely. The BFG has a 3.5mm headphone connector but no internal speaker, as a last point. Again, these omissions are understandable when you think about the intended demographic, and I didn’t notice either of them throughout my testing.

Indeed, there are more features lacking than just those three. Despite the PlayStation button being on the BFG, you cannot turn the system on with the controller. Since that the PS5 has an HDMI link capability that enables the console to turn on when your TV is on, this is actually not a hassle.

The conclusion

Victrix Pro BFG is an absolutely fantastic controller. The BFG is on par with the best of the competitively focused controllers I’ve played, which cost eye-popping sums. As compared to other current-generation controllers, it has unmatched customization possibilities, and that won’t change when any of the other controllers that have been revealed yet appear.

Admittedly, $180 is an expensive asking price for a controller, but it comes with a ton of helpful features and extra parts that can all be tidily stored inside the hardshell carrying case that is also included. Although nothing has been disclosed as of yet, the modular architecture offers the option of more swappable components being released, should Victrix choose that course.

Several large shops, including Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop, sell the Victrix Pro BFG.

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