Insignia 55 Class F30 Review From [A-Z]

You can learn everything you need to know about the Insignia 55 Class F30 from this review. I shall thus go into considerable length of the television’s design, display, sound, ports and connectivity, and smart features.

Also, at the conclusion of each section, I will rate this program on a scale of one to 10. My ratings, as always, will be determined by my personal preferences and the quality of the television.

Hence, before making a buying decision, reading this evaluation from beginning to end will provide you with ample knowledge about the television.

My first impressions

One of the most reasonably priced TVs on the market is an Insignia model. Insignia TVs also offer outstanding features that the majority of consumers will find appealing in addition to being reasonably priced.

Hence, in 2021, Insignia released the Insignia 55 Class F30 to add to its inventory. This television is one of Insignia’s newest models, but it is still reasonably priced.

In particular, the Insignia 55 Class F30 was priced at $349.99 at the time this review was written in March 2022. One could ask if this Insignia television actually offers amazing features and performance for such a low price.

Evaluation of the Insignia 55 Class F30’s Design, Dimensions, and Weight

The Insignia 55 Class F30’s design isn’t very impressive, but it’s also not all that horrible either. This TV has a set of bezels that are reasonably small and encircle the screen.

To provide more information, the bottom bezel is thicker and measures 3.3 inches, while the top and side bezels are each half an inch wide. These bezels also feature a matte-black appearance and are made of plastic.

In addition, Insignia was able to put a gray “INSIGNIA” logo in the middle because to the thickness of the bottom bezel. This logo beautifies the television in addition to serving as a means of brand identification.

Let’s talk about the back of the television now that we’ve covered the front. The Insignia 55 Class F30 initially has a simple metallic back panel.

For hanging this TV on the wall, there are holes on the rear panel that can take a 200 X 200 VESA mount. The TV shouldn’t protrude excessively from the wall when installed because the rear panel isn’t exceptionally thick.

On the back panel of this TV, however, there is no cable management system in any shape or form. So, if not manually managed, cords connecting to the TV may appear unkempt and chaotic.

In the unlikely event that you decide against mounting the Insignia 55 Class F30 on the wall, you can set it down on a table. Particularly, the television comes with a set of plastic legs with a matte-black finish.

Furthermore, although being constructed of plastic, these legs are strong enough to hold the TV and allow it to stand upright. When pushed firmly, the Insignia 55 Class F30 could tremble slightly.
Regrettably, the legs of this television are attached to its edges. Hence, if you choose not to put the TV on the wall, you’ll need a sizable table to set it on.

Surprisingly, the Insignia 55 Class F30’s legs are very short compared to modern televisions. As a result, consumers can encounter difficulties mounting a soundbar below a television.

We need to talk about the television’s size and weight before we return to the TV’s legs. To start, the Insignia 55 Class F30 weighs 13290.2 g and has dimensions of 1242 x 83.8 x 726.4 mm (W x D x H).

This Insignia television is heavier than the TCL 55S425 in terms of weight. To be more precise, the TCL 55S425 weighs only 12100 g and has dimensions of 1244.6 x 78.7 x 721.3 mm (W x D x H).

Review of the Insignia 55 Class F30 Display’s Features and Image Quality

The Insignia 55 Class F30 has a 55-inch display, as its name suggests. It also has a 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution on this monitor.

Also, this television’s display ought to be able to produce a vibrant, realistic, and detailed image quality thanks to its 4K resolution. The display should also be able to produce a four times greater visual quality than a typical HD panel.

The display of the Insignia 55 Class F30 has a 4K resolution and a fantastic contrast ratio of 4660:1. This television’s display should be able to offer deep blacks thanks to its outstanding contrast ratio.

In other words, the display’s blacks would look as they should or even darker without frequently becoming gray. The best TV shows to watch would therefore be ones with lots of gloomy situations, like Underworld.

Also, this Insignia television is suitable for viewing in a dark room if you enjoy watching movies there. This is because to its excellent contrast ratio. For your knowledge, contrast ratio is the measurement of the distance between the display’s brightest white and its darkest black.

Unfortunately, the display in the Insignia 55 Class F30 does not support local dimming. By dimming backlight zones when necessary, local dimming is a technique that improves the contrast ratio of an LCD/LED display.

Review of the Insignia 55 Class F30 Sound Features

The Insignia 55 Class F30 has a respectable sound quality in contrast to other low-cost TVs. First off, this TV has two 10-watt built-in speakers that deliver high-quality audio.

Furthermore, these speakers are capable of producing sound that can fill a sizable room. In addition, despite the TV’s lack of a subwoofer, the speakers can nevertheless produce a respectable amount of bass.

This means that watching movies with rumbling and thumping sounds on the Insignia 55 Class F30 should be fine. But, if you enjoy watching movies with lots of bass, you can think about getting a subwoofer to support the speakers’ bass output.


An affordable smart television with above-average performance is the Insignia 55 Class F30. For additional information, this television has excellent picture and sound quality.

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