How Life-Changing Are The New LG Led Mask Beauty Devices?

From the outside, it looks like a cool mask that Apple and Iron Man would have made together. But even more impressive than how sleek it looks is what it claims to do: improve skin tone by 100% and inner skin density by 92% after six weeks of twice-a-week use.

The LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask has 160 LEDs (80 red and 80 infrared) that use long-wave and short-wave light to reach different depths of the skin. These lights help your skin’s cells grow back, which makes your skin firmer and brighter over time.
And if you’re worried about safety, which is understandable after Neutrogena recalled their LED acne mask because it could hurt your eyes, you’ll be glad to know that the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask has an eye-shield design made of safe silicone to protect your eyes while minimizing the glare from the lights.

The high-tech device also has a Sensing Detector, which is an extra safety feature that makes sure the mask only works when it is on the face correctly.

1. LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask review

I try to mask at least once a week, but it’s hard for me to keep that schedule. Spending 20 minutes on the mask and another 5 minutes or so to clean up (patting in the serum, wiping up any spills, etc.) can be a pain for someone like me who is always short on time.

This is one of the problems that the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask helped me fix. As a light therapy mask, there was no mess from the serum dripping down.

Also, the routine can be done in as little as nine minutes. Even better, I didn’t need to set a timer! The device tells you when you’re almost done with the routine and even lets you know when you’re halfway done.

Even though no one could see my face while I was wearing the Derma LED Mask, I was glad that the visor area is clear, so I could see through it and do other things while I was wearing it. I usually read a book or watch the Netflix drama I’m currently binge-watching, so those nine minutes went by quickly.

But because the mask is a little heavy, I wouldn’t recommend doing hard work like housework while you’re wearing it.

When I use a sheet mask, I like how hydrated my skin feels right away after I rub in all the serum. The Derma LED Mask won’t let you have this kind of experience. But that’s because the main benefit is firming, so judging it by how quickly it makes you feel better won’t be fair.

In fact, I was a little upset the first time I used the Derma LED Mask. When I took off the mask, I went straight to the mirror to see if my skin looked any different, but I didn’t notice any change.

2. Do I think the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask is worth getting?

LED light has been shown to make skin firmer, and this device is like a facial you can do at home. It lets you get the benefits of LED light in the comfort of your own home.

I think that LG, as a big electronics company, knows a lot about LED technology (have you seen those high-tech LG TVs?! ), so I think that if anyone could make a beauty device that uses LED technology, it would probably be LG.

I think you should think about getting the LG Pra L. Derma LED Mask if you are really into skin care and are willing to spend money on expensive tools. Of course, you have to be patient and not expect miracles to happen right away, but I think you might be able to get something out of it.
If you don’t want to buy the LG PraL transmitter, I still think you should buy a transmitter from another reputable brand. Why is it important to use a filter? Because it helps make materials deeper in the epidermis. From there, it will turn on deep moisturizers and feed the skin from the inside out, so the effects will last longer. When we put it on the skin’s visible surface, we worry that the effect won’t be strong and will only last for a short time, because that layer of skin will soon turn into dead skin and fade away. Every day, scrub your face or wash it.


After using the mask and the booster, I felt and thought the following things. Really, your skin can’t be completely beautiful if you only use a mask. This 23 million mask can only add to your beauty if you take care of your skin the right way. And after 10 weeks of use, it only gets rid of 40–50% of the brown spots and 30–40% of the blackheads. These are two things I still need to figure out how to do. After reading my very thoughtful review, I hope you can find more help.


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