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Geoaral PS4 Controller – REVIEW 2023

The top PS4 controllers can make a good addition to your gaming rig. There are now a growing number of PS5 controllers available, making PS4 controllers much more reasonably priced. Whether you’re searching for a cheap DualShock 4 replacement or a real pro controller, there’s sure to be one for you. As several of the new PS5 gamepads also work with PS4, our list of favorites is getting a much-needed overhaul.

Remember that your best PS4 controller will function on PS5 if you play a PS4 game that hasn’t gotten a next-generation upgrade. We’ve compiled a list of the top gamepads available today, including the DualShock 4, which is still a fantastic option if you can get your hands on a back-button add-on. Even though some of these are quite a bit older, many of them rank among the greatest PC controllers.

Best PlayStation 4 controllers 2023

The Victrix Pro BFG controller is compatible with PS4 and PC but was primarily built for the PS5. It is without a doubt the greatest PS4 controller for customizing to your own competitive preferences thanks to its totally modular architecture, four remappable back buttons, and a host of superb accessories.
You can choose to use a longer right analog stick if you want to aim more precisely. It takes only a few seconds to flip the left facing module to produce symmetrical sticks. The Fightpad module should be rapidly inserted if you desire six face buttons. This controller offers some of the best customization and performance available on the market.

Furthermore, using it is a pleasure. The fact that you can customize it to fit your preferred controller features, despite its slight weight and lack of rumble functionality, makes it truly shine. Being versatile is one thing, but rarely is it achieved without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Gaming Pro Controller from Terios

Although the Terios Gaming Pro Controller costs less than $40, we frequently get it on sale for far less. Given their feature set, these wireless PS4 controllers, which can occasionally be found for as little as $23, are a must-consider for anyone looking for an affordable alternative. These colorful gamepads from Terios have a power life of up to 10 hours, which sounds fairly reasonable given the 1200mAh rechargeable battery.

Unlimited Nacon Revolution

Nacon is known for its excellent build quality, but the third-party accessories expert has excelled itself with the Nacon Revolution Unlimited. Its incredibly flexible functionality, which allows players to play wired or wirelessly, customize the controller’s joystick using the supplied interchangeable heads, and map their preferred controls to at least 4 configurable shortcut buttons, is what we discovered during testing makes it one of the best PS4 controllers. Every professional eSports player’s dream controller, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro PS4 controller is complete with a genuine 8-way D-pad.
The positioning of the analog stick in Nacon Revolution Unlimited is the most obvious difference between it and PS4 games that most gamers are accustomed to. They are no longer symmetrically spaced apart from one another, choosing instead the traditional offset design you would probably encounter when playing Xbox One. For gamers who find this structure easier to interact with, this is a huge benefit. While by no means a game-changer, we discovered that Nacon Revolution Unlimited’s inclusion of LED lighting indicators is a nice touch. These indicators replace the Dualshock 4’s standard lightbar to inform players of the status of critical in-game variables (like health) and conveniently alert you whenever power is low.

DualShock 4 by Sony

The Dualshock 4 is one of the greatest PS4 controllers, which should be obvious. It comes with the console by default. This fourth edition of the Dualshock controller was a faithful continuation of earlier designs, but it also added a few fresh elements that have since come to be identified with the PS4 gaming system. The central touchpad, for instance, makes it simple to access the map in most games, and the Share button, which took the place of the Select button, makes it simple to share pictures and recordings.

Wireless asymmetric Nacon

The Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller has chosen to stick to the tried-and-true Dualshock 4 design, with one noteworthy exception. Other entries on this list may try to break away from the original Dualshock 4 design. The appeal the Dualshock 4 offers so many gamers through its ergonomic design is evident in this design, with the only truly significant difference being that the gamepad’s analog sticks are, you guessed it, asymmetrical. For those who find the conventional PS4 controller layout weirdly off-putting, this is very helpful. Certainly one to take into account if you favor Xbox One controllers.
Its ability to effectively address this obviously specialized need while maintaining the simplicity of wireless play and functioning nearly identically to the standard Dualshock 4 is a big reason why it made our list of the best PS4 controllers. Although the Nacon Asymmetrical Wireless Controller may not be as substantial as its immediate competitors, we discovered that even this provides it a pleasing sensation of weight that any devoted PS4 player would learn to value. Also, the controller’s reasonable price when compared to other third-party PS4 gamepad options is a plus.
The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition controller, which bills itself as a premium eSports solution, is an excellent option for Razer Raiju Tournament PS4 players searching for a competitive advantage. It not only conveys a luxury sense because to its good weight and build quality, but it also gives players a variety of programmable options thanks to the corresponding Razer app. We discovered that pairing the app with the controller using Bluetooth worked incredibly well. From there, you can adjust each button’s functionality as needed and even choose how much the gamepad’s sides rumble. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is undoubtedly one of the best PS4 controllers for sheer variety.

Another way the Razer Raiju Tournament Edition differs from the standard Dualshock 4 is by having offset analog sticks and face buttons that provide incredibly haptic feedback. The split D-pad and emphasis on the central touchpad, which is bordered by RGB lights to really give some flair, are examples of how we feel the design balances the best of both worlds. The Razer Raiju Tournament Edition is one of the greatest PlayStation 4 controllers available because it strikes this mix between being practical and eSports ready.


While the DualShock 4 has proven to be the greatest all-arounder for the majority of users, The Nacon Revolution Unlimited is very adaptable and offers amazing capability for PS4 games as well as PC gaming. Also, it offers an asymmetrical sensation that some Xbox users would be accustomed to. The Razer Raiju Tournament, a pro controller with an ergonomic design and haptic button feedback, is yet another fantastic choice.

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