CCA Lyra Earphones Review – UPDATE 2023

Since our initial Campfire, Audio Lyra review from back in 2015, these earbuds have become my go-to picks for relaxed and active listening sessions. We were able to recall a lot of information because the Lyra was melodious, fluid, and enjoyable to listen to. They were never designed as analytical listeners’ earphones; instead, they were adjusted for individuals who prefer a smooth and natural presentation. Instead of tearing tracks apart, they encouraged you to listen to more music because they brought life to your music. After 18 months have passed, campfire has updated the Lyra II and made a few changes to the initial idea. These are here for review.

What is the campfire audio lyra ii

The Lyra II is an over-the-ear in-ear headset with a monitor-style design. The sound is supplied by a unique 8.5mm beryllium dynamic driver that was created under the direction of Campfire Audio. Like its predecessor, Ken Ball, the man behind Campfire Audio, adjusted the Lyra II with an emphasis on producing a fluid and natural presentation.

The housing has been modified to a unique liquid metal alloy construction, just like the firm’s other recent product introductions (the Vega & Dorado models, which were also recently issued by the company). We admired the ceramic housing on the original Lyra and believed that many of the earphone’s sonic qualities may have come from employing this kind of shell. Consequently, it came as a bit of a shock to see them throw it away, although on paper, the claims of an improved sound and increased housing strength appear promising.

*Note*: The packaging, accessories, design, and comfort of the Campfire Audio Lyra II are all strikingly similar to—if not the same as—those of the Campfire Audio Vega. The sections about the Lyra II that were covered in-depth in our assessment of the Vega last week will be summarized in this review rather than being repeated.

Packaging & accessories

Similar Campfire Audio Campfire Audio has had packaging on the Lyra II II Lyra II II. Campfire Audio Audio has always Campfire Audio Audio Packaging Packaging.. Lyra II a stylish cardboard box made of recyclable materials with a print of the night sky. The supplied black leather travel case protects the headphones within the box while they are being sent.

That is my favorite headphone case from any company, and the case is superb. It is made of high-quality materials and features a semi-ridged design, deep grain leather in black, strong zippers, and sheep transport lining. I’m delighted that they have included it as part of the bundle because it is a fantastic addition that I would gladly pay $50 to $100 for if it were sold separately.

An good variety of ear tips are provided in the bundle. Comply foam, Spinfit, and conventional type silicone come in small, medium, and large sizes. Since they are all present, you should have no trouble installing at least one of those types and finding a snug fit.

An earphone cleaning tool for keeping your Lyra II in peak condition and clear of earwax and other build-up, as well as the Campfire Audio pin badge that comes with all CA earphones, are some additional extras.

The two red velvet drawstring bags, which each contain the left and right earpieces, were most notable for having something not previously seen on other campfire audio headphones. I would find them a bit fiddly to use throughout the day if I took my IEM’s on and off, even though they are great to use occasionally, especially for long-term storage. Yet even so, I tend to be quite harsh with my equipment, and the monitors are further protected by the pouches, so I would use them whenever possible.

Build quality & design – A worthy improvement over the original lyra

The original Lyra earphones have a slightly unique design from the rest of the Campfire Audio lineup. Instead of the CNC-milled casings found on other IEMs like the Jupiter and Andromeda, it had a ceramic housing. Because of its hardness and the way sound reverberates inside the chamber, ceramic has excellent acoustic qualities, so the Lyra I’s housing played a significant role in how well it sounded. Yet, because of the material’s extreme hardness, it may be a little delicate.

The ceramic always felt more delicate in the hand than those other versions in terms of structure. Even though they are great at withstanding wear and tear, I occasionally yearned for the security of the sturdier metal earphones.

Both of these problems appear to be addressed by the Lyra II’s new liquid alloy metal enclosure, which appears to advance them to the next stage. The new material is sturdy and durable, which is beneficial for acoustics (good for when you drop them).

On the other side, they look just as nice, if not better, than the original design and feel exceptionally robust. Since every Campfire Audio IEM is manually checked before shipping, none of the new models have even the smallest flaws. These headphones are the Dark Knights of the headphone industry. The redesigned shell feels sturdy, and the “dusk” PVD coating really makes them stand out.

The MMCX connectors are top-notch and use the same unique beryllium contact points that we adore in the entire line. Beryllium is more durable than conventional brass MMCX, which will further increase the lifespan of the earphone.

The swivel mechanism on these is buttery smooth, and they lock into place with a comforting crunch. They’re great, especially with the ideal Litz cable that came with the new Lyra.

All of the clothing in the range has consistent styling. Campfire is starting to unify its design, which helps distinguish its goods among fans of high-end portable audio equipment.

They have some of the most sturdy and long-lasting designs of any earbuds on the market, look fantastic, and are immaculately well made.

Sound quality – A warm lush and smooth experience

With a few significant changes that we believe make them a suitable successor, the new Lyra II sounds remarkably similar to what we have heard from the original Lyra.

The warm, luscious, and intensely engaging tuning that we all adored in the original is still present, but there has been a little improvement in clarity and an expansion of the soundstage. It’s not a revolution; not much has changed significantly. Everything is now little more refined. There was no need to invent the wheel in this case, and it’s a blessing that they choose to make little improvements that elevate them above the original model, which was already among the best earphones available.


Although the Lyra 2’s highs are best described as smooth and relaxed, they are slightly more pronounced than those of the original earphone. If you tend to be treble sensitive, these premium earbuds sound among the best because they never once showed sibilance during the review.

The highs are still quite clear and detailed, but they aren’t overbearing like I frequently find many audiophile earphones to be. This significantly enhances the way that overall.


Once more, the mids take center stage in the audio experience because that is what these earbuds excel at. They naturally marvel at how beautifully rock and acoustic styles are reproduced as well as how vocal-heavy tunes are made to really shine as a result.

The clarity and weight of guitars and other stringed instruments are balanced. They also let you to pick up on a lot of tiny information. Like with the original Lyra, they are naturally on the warm side, so I would suggest pairing them with a reasonably decent neutral source and letting the earbuds do the work.


Although being quite noticeable, the bass doesn’t drown out the mids. It still has some power, though. Although not quite dipping into the voluminous sub-bass depths you see on something like the RHA t10i, this power expresses itself in a tight and forceful manner. That’s advantageous. Its bass will not lose its composure and overpower the rest of the spectrum, but it will provide more than enough low-end strength to propel you through electronic and dubstep music.

Also, the lows move quickly and clearly. Although it is not the kind of speed you would find on BA models, this is exceptional for a dynamic driver earphone. Overall, the low end is the cherry on top that makes them a really enjoyable headphone to listen to as they can truly provide some highly satisfying lows that cause head nodding when the music calls for it.

Campfire audio lyra II – Soundstage genres imaging

The imaging is excellent, and it was simple for me to position and isolate the instruments and vocals. Even while I would argue that rock, pop, and electronic music are more appropriate for them than classical, you still get a clear sense of space and separation from practically any genre.

Nevertheless, what caught my attention was how well they go with vocal jazz tunes. This is largely due to how effectively they distinguish the vocals from the rest of the instrumentation so that they are upfront, natural, and distinct. The Lyra II’s presentation of their soundstage as resembling an intimate club-like setting emphasizes this even further.

It has comparable levels and complexity, but there is also something more there that is pretty intriguing. Nearly as if you were on a balcony level gazing down at the musicians, you almost get the impression that you are above where the music is being performed. Although this is just anecdotal and may be the placebo effect of where my head was at the time, I frequently experienced this feeling while listening to the Lyra, and I found it to be really pleasant.


The Lyra 2 is just as comfortable as the Vega, even when used for lengthy listening sessions. These over-the-ear headphones have a superb ergonomic design that fits both large and small ears comfortably. I’d even venture to suggest they would be suitable for sleeping with because you can listen to them for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted.


I had to wonder whether Campfire Audio really needed to make a Lyra II when I learned of their plans.

The initial earpiece was so flawless that I would have maintained praising them as among the best earbuds you could buy, regardless of price.

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