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Panasonic has a history of winning What Hi-Fi? TV Awards, having created some of the best TVs available in a range of sizes, from 40 inches to big-screen lounge fills. Which Panasonic TV should you choose therefore, and what should you look for? And where are the best Panasonic TV bargains to be found? Stay with us, and we’ll help you with the purchasing procedure.

How to pick the ideal Panasonic television for you

The most obvious factor is screen size. Before you spend any money, measure the available area and look at the complete measurements of your preferred set. When fitting into a small place, some have significantly smaller bezels than others.

Do you desire 4K? Four times as many pixels are used in the picture quality as in HD, resulting in clearer, more detailed images. Nevertheless, 4K won’t be of much use for a long if you only ever watch terrestrial television.

TX-55JZ1500B from Panasonic

Excellent TVs like the JZ1500B make Panasonic’s top picture quality more accessible than before. A standout feature is its vibrant but realistic colors. It is also superbly detailed, crisp, and has excellent motion control.

Swivel stands are no longer particularly popular because OLED TVs offer nearly ideal viewing angles, but the JZ1500B’s stand gives it a small footprint and enough of space for a speaker. Although the sound coming from the built-in speakers is generally good, it would be advisable to spend for a soundbar.

It’s great to note that the TV supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ HDR standards. It runs on Panasonic’s My Home Screen operating system, version 6.0, which is incredibly responsive but lacks a few apps (BT Sport, Disney+, Apple TV, and Now were not available in the UK as of our last check).

All things considered, this is a great purchase and the greatest Panasonic TV currently offered.

We put the JZ1500B’s 55-inch size to the test. There are various models in 48-inch and 65-inch sizes available. You can find the most recent, lowest pricing for those versions below even though we haven’t yet reviewed them.

TX-40JX850B from Panasonic

The JX850 series is just one rung below Panasonic’s current flagship JX940 series in the UK LCD lineup, placing it relatively high up. It’s loaded with features, as you might anticipate.

There are several 40-inch TVs for less money, but this Panasonic model is designed for luxury consumers. With vibrant colors and dark picture sections that are virtually devoid of the type of noise that weaker TVs can exhibit, picture quality is above average for an LCD TV. Although the TV’s 2 x 10W speaker system will undoubtedly be constrained by such channel-rich soundtracks, it can also decode Dolby Atmos itself.

HLG, HDR10, HDR10+, and Dolby Vision are all significant HDR formats that are supported by Panasonic’s good policy. This indicates that practically any HDR source you feed the TV will play in its finest quality. It’s frustrating that the three HDMI ports on this set don’t enable VRR or 4K at 120 Hz for gaming.

The JX850 is a fantastic treat assuming you don’t own a next-generation console. At the price, a terrific purchase.

TX-65HX940B from Panasonic

Although the Panasonic TX-65HX940 was first introduced in 2020, you can still find one online. The HCX Pro Intelligent processor, a 100Hz screen refresh rate, and Panasonic’s Local Dimming Intelligent Pro technology are among the best TV technologies the business offered in that year. In addition, it supports both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ forms of HDR, so regardless of the streaming service or disc, you can be guaranteed that you’re watching in the greatest format possible.

It is a well-kept set with a respectable appearance and all the ports you could want. Nonetheless, some apps are lacking, just like the models mentioned above. Since it only requires a little investment in a media streamer, this shouldn’t even need to be fixed.

Although the picture quality is remarkable, much work needs to be done to bring out the most in it. Undoubtedly, that will turn away some customers. Even the default modes fall short in this regard.

But if you can wait, this 2020 model will still be among the top Panasonic Televisions available in 2022. Many details, superb motion processing, and robust dark detail are present. Spend some time calibrating, and you’ll be amply rewarded.


Although it lacks the same OLED EX panel as the LZ2000, our reviewer felt that it delivered an impressively accomplished visual performance, with white tones that are bright and accurately described together with black tones that are deep and believable, providing an outstanding sense of contrast.

The entire color scheme is varied, lively, and compelling. Skin tones are realistic, motion is expertly managed, and this effort to upscale lower grade video is highly competent. Its audio performance is significantly worse than its picture quality, sounding thin and pressured. A soundbar would be a good addition to give it a boost.

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