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Apple Apple TV 4K – REVIEW 2023

I LIKED THE SECOND-GENERATION Apple TV 4K, but I seldom ever told anyone besides Apple aficionados to buy it. Although it had a nice remote, it was more expensive than competing streaming devices from Google, Amazon, and Roku. It also didn’t perform all that much better.

Even though the Apple TV 4K is remains more expensive than the competition, there are now now enough benefits to choose it above the pack with the 2022 version. This is a worthy addition to any living room and one that will probably outlive the clumsy OS inside your smart TV thanks to Apple’s A15 Bionic CPU, a USB-C port on the remote, and decent gaming performance.

What’s Novel?

The Apple TV 4K hasn’t changed much in appearance between generations, but if you hold them side by side, you’ll notice the older unit is a little bit heavier and bigger. This drastic reduction in weight makes you question if the next version might just be a streaming stick or dongle rather than a small black box.

This box is small enough to fit almost anywhere you have a little bit of space, and thanks to its rubberized bottom, it won’t slide around on otherwise slick surfaces. If you are willing to fork up the additional $20 Apple asks for additional internal storage and the Ethernet connector, the back of the device features an HDMI 2.1 port, a location for the power cord, and an Ethernet port. For $129, the Wi-Fi-only model has half the capacity (64 GB).

On stream

According to the new A15 CPU, picture quality is better than ever, but aside from that, Apple’s streaming device offers the same user experience that it has for years. This provides access to every app known to man, simple menu navigation, and the capacity to enter into all of your streaming apps using passwords that have been saved in your Apple keychain.

Similar to how an identical Fire TV streaming device will prioritize Amazon content or how Roku promoted the Weird Al movie on its main page, it leans toward Apple TV+ content. Yet, Apple doesn’t make you believe that its material is the only thing out there. That is elegant.

I had no problems streaming content from HBO Max, Netflix, Plex, Amazon Video, Paramount+, and other services. (I thought it unusual that Plex wouldn’t let me select the video quality settings; this might be a Plex issue more than an Apple TV 4K issue.) For the quickest speeds possible, choose the more expensive model with Ethernet if your wireless connection is slower. Other than that, I had no issues loading web content via Wi-Fi.

When you step back, tvOS seems to be fairly unambitious, which contributes to its user-friendliness. The way we watch TV shows and movies hasn’t been reinvented by the Apple TV. But only if you’re talking about the exact same streaming essentials that are offered on rival systems like Roku, Fire TV, and Google TV. Apps may be the future of TV. A handful of early tvOS apps are covered in cobwebs and haven’t received updates in years, proving that Apple’s aim to give popular mobile apps like Airbnb a home on the TV screen was unsuccessful. Many people have completely stopped working.

TvOS 16

Unsurprisingly, all of Apple’s services and applications are integrated, including TV+, Fitness+, Music, iCloud Photos, and Arcade. While using the box requires a free Apple ID, you are not compelled to utilize any of them.

Its simplicity and lack of advertisements on the homepage are additional benefits, which cannot be mentioned for the majority of other smart TV platforms. The user interface resembles a smartphone screen and features app icons that you may launch by using the remote. Your favorite apps may be moved around so they are where you want them, and a sort of dock is located right at the top.


Recycled plastic, gold, tin, and aluminum are all present in the Apple TV 4K. In its analysis, Apple breaks down the streaming box’s environmental impact. Each hour of 4K HDR video streaming uses roughly 0.002kWh of electricity. The average cost to repair the box outside of the warranty is £125. Apple provides free recycling and trade-in options, including for non-Apple products.


With 64GB of storage, the Apple TV 4K 2022 costs £149 ($129/A$219), and with 128GB of storage, a second ethernet connector, and Thread networking compatibility, it costs £169 ($149/A$249).

The Amazon Fire TV Cube costs £140, the Google Chromecast with Google TV 4K costs £60, the Nvidia Shield TV costs £105, the Roku Streaming Stick+ costs £45, and the Google Chromecast without Google TV 4K costs £60.


Every television has a smart TV built in, and there are cheaper streaming boxes available. But the third-generation Apple TV 4K is incomparable if you want a straightforward, dependable, and high-quality streamer.

It goes by quickly. It offers the widest selection of streaming apps, many of which are superior to those found on other platforms. Together with Dolby Atmos, it supports all the major video formats. Also, your home screen isn’t cluttered with advertisements.

If you already use Apple products, it is extremely beneficial. Although you may use it without an iPhone or iPad, Amazon and Google provide simpler alternatives for Android users.

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