ANALYSIS: The 5-Inch Smart Monitor M27 Oozes Performance

O In 2021, the 24-inch SmartMonitor M5 had already made its debut in Brazil. Samsung now offers a 27′ alternative for customers seeking an intelligent display that can fill the space in a number of ways and fits well on larger tables. Showmetech was given a copy of the model that purports to be a TV monitor in order to substantiate this claim.

We can argue that Samsung innovated successfully by turning a product type that was previously just useful for displaying the images produced by the video card into a flexible and useful item for those who want to work, access the contents of streams, and play games all in one location. Find out the major characteristics of this device, which is also one of the best monitors on the market, in our detailed review!

First setup and impressions

When we first opened the box, the pieces were simple and straightforward to assemble. The SmartMonitor M5 is well protected by two pieces of Styrofoam that encircle it completely. The smart monitor comes with a stand and a pole; to install the two screws, simply use a standard Phillips screwdriver. The screen attaches to the rod with an extremely snug fit, while the rod and base join to form what is essentially one piece.

Also, the device’s modest weight (2,9 kg) makes preparation and distribution quick and simple. So, the initial impression before turning on the new smart monitor from Samsung is favorable, free of problems or hassles. Naturally, the appearance is already appealing, and the only cable required is the power cord.


It’s time to activate the monitor and use the controller! The M5 has a remote, which is the primary distinction between it and the standard monitor you are already familiar with. With just a few buttons and an ultra-thin design, the product is incredibly light and has enough functions to ensure optimal usage. In addition to Samsung TVPlus, an exclusive platform for branded content, other streaming providers covered by shortcut buttons include Netflix, GloboPlay, and Amazon Video.
The coolest feature is that using it as a standard monitor and, soon after, a Smart TV is made very simple by the control’s presence. Once you press the home button, a short menu with easy access to the pre-installed apps will appear. Some users might need some practice getting used to pushing the volume/channel buttons up or down, but it won’t interfere with the experience.


The screen’s edge space is limited when it is almost entirely utilized, almost imperceptibly from the front. The lower part’s edge, which is a little more robust to ensure a specific prominence to the Samsung emblem, is the exception. It is centered and has a brushed surface. The Smart Monitor M5 is a stylish device with perfect placement in any room dedicated to entertainment and work—or both—thanks to all of this as well as a flat appearance and discrete stand.

Although the matte black on the back isn’t very eye-catching, it does have substance thanks to a pattern of horizontal lines. clever monitors, which allow for a more ordered configuration by having a curve for the cables to travel through.

Sound and Image

Samsung’s operating system, Tizen, welcomes us as we turn on the device, which has a Full HD screen (1920 x 1080 pixels) in the customary 16: 9 aspect ratio and a 60Hz maximum refresh rate. Tizen offers us two options: smartphone or remote control. We then proceed to setting up Wi-Fi login and password, Samsung account information, and other settings. This mechanism, which does away with the need to connect a PC or other device to the monitor, is also present in Samsung’s smart Televisions.
It looks fantastic to watch some movies and television shows all week because of the colors and contrast. However, in environments with high levels of brightness, the maximum brightness of 250 nits may be an inconvenience. Well, if you set the monitor near to a window on a sunny day, this will only become a serious issue. I had no trouble using it to watch TV on. On the contrary, I was fascinated with the Eye Saver Style, which is the only one can control the blue light that the screen emits. To prevent eye strain, it automatically adjusts the brightness based on the surrounding lighting.


Two USB-A connections, two HDMI inputs, and a power cable input are all located on the rear of the display. Nevertheless, you won’t find DisplayPorts or Ethernet, and G-SYNC or FreeSync functionality is not mentioned. That is, adequate connections for a Smart TV and monitor used for business. But, given that many PCs with modern graphics cards emphasize DisplayPort, these connections may not be as appealing to gamers.

Further apps and features

Understanding that the smart monitor may be used as a Smart TV as well as a gaming or work display for a console or PC, it is important to note that configuring such devices is simple. Any connected device is instantly identified and added as an option to the primary screens.

There are also personal assistants and other necessary connectivity apps. For instance, the Spotify symbol provides immediate access to music streaming.


For me, the SmartMonitor M5’s ability to open Office documents without a connected PC—users only need to be Office 365 subscribers—is the feature that draws the most attention. All you have to do is go to the workspace and log in. Also, you can connect your Computer, which will show up as a choice on the Workspace page and an app in the main hub.

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