2023’s Top Affordable Noise-Canceling Headphones

The top-tier ANC performance of category leaders like the Bose 700 or Sony WH-1000XM5 cannot be matched by even the greatest affordable noise-cancelling headphones. They won’t defraud you of a tranquil listening experience, though. There are many solutions out there that can effectively block out background noise so you can listen to your Apple Music or Spotify playlists without being distracted.

consumer preferences Great noise-cancelling headphones are inexpensively offered by Anker, JBL, and Plantronics. The same goes for newer, yet lesser-known companies like Tribit and ZVOX. You can find yourself searching online and falling into a rabbit hole of really bad stuff. You’re in luck since the Laptop Mag team can assist you make a decision.

Based on performance, cost, and use, we examined hundreds of devices to create this ranking of the top inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones. Scroll down to see which ones you can grab for under $100. This year’s Prime Day savings event is July 12–13; if you’re interested in finding amazing bargains on headphones, you might also want to look at our best Prime Day headphone deals.

Which noise-cancelling headphones are the best on a budget?

The Anker Soundcore Life Q30 is ranked first among our list of the best inexpensive noise-canceling headphones. Even though the more recent Life Q35 has improvements like AI-enhanced microphones and LDAC technology, this model performs more consistently overall. Together with powerful sound, a long battery life, and Soundcore app access with a variety of capabilities, it boasts superior ANC and smart controls.
The 1More SonoFlow is in a close second. This device delivers up to 70 hours of playability of ANC playtime and dynamic sound for about $100. Compared to other models in this price range, the basic design is sleeker. When listening to music in noisy places, you also get some high-quality noise cancellation to block out low- and mid-frequency sounds.

The third position is occupied by the Plantronics BackBeat Go 810. It is a mid-range model that has seen a major price decrease over time while maintaining its level of popularity. These headphones offer good sound quality, long battery life, and noise cancellation for as little as $73. They also have a simple, modern style. The Plantronics app offers HD voice support for calls, an EQ setting to customize sound, and a Find MyHeadset function to locate misplaced headphones. We also like that the headphones feel light and nice on the skull.

The top affordable noise-cancelling headphones available right now

Anker Soundcore Life Q30

For $80, the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 are one of the greatest noise-cancelling headphones deals you’re going to discover. Aesthetically and acoustically, this model is a big upgrade from the popular Life Q20 and boasts the longest playtime of any model in the class: 40 hours (with ANC on). Want to avoid draining the battery too quickly? There’s no need to worry because the headphones may be worn passively for a further 20 hours of listening. The Life Q30 is cool since it now supports the Anker Soundcore app, giving users access to over 20 different presets that improve the soundstage depending on the content; we enjoy Electronic for EDM tunes and Podcast for, you got it, podcasts. The EQ is also fully programmable. Moreover, sound has been adjusted to provide recordings with more detail and tonal balance.

Increased SonoFlow

Not many inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones offer 50 hours of ANC use. One of the few is the SonoFlow. These cans last for weeks on a single charge. Battery life is increased to 70 hours when ANC is turned off. If you ever forget to recharge, an aux cord is included with the purchase, however you should keep it in the carrying case because it degrades music quality. The SonoFlow’s 40mm dynamic driver with DLC (diamond-like-carbon) composite diaphragm will produce engrossing sound and forceful bass when used wirelessly. When grooving out to tunes on lossless streaming services, LDAC codec compatibility further enhances connection quality and allows you hear details clearly

Plantronics BackBeat Go 810

This company’s ANC model offers reliable noise cancellation and the same audio quality as the BackBeat Pro 2 SE at an affordable price point. The lows are strong and responsive, adding extra power to entertainment with lots of bass. It’s interesting that these headphones work with the Plantronics app as well, providing customers the ability to improve the audio output for music and phone calls. Strong battery life is another company trademark that has not changed, as the BackBeat Go 810 offers listeners 22 hours with ANC mode activated and 28 hours in regular mode.

There are two ANC modes: Low and High, each designed to address ambient noise in a particular environment. The built-in mics do pick up a lot of noise when used outside, so you’ll want to be picky when choose which one to use over the other. Be aware that the controls and connectivity can occasionally be difficult to use.

JBL Live 650BTNC

The JBL Live 650BTNC are competent noise-cancellers with rich sound and evident shortcomings. The headphones provide powerful bass and well-balanced mids, which is a plus. . a Those who experiment with the EQ in the JBL Headphones app can customize audio by designing their own sound profile or choosing from a variety of song presets. We also appreciate that the headphones are compatible with smart assistants, enabling you to use voice commands to carry out chores hands-free with Amazon, Google Assistant, Siri, or Bixby.

The Live 650BT are far from flawless, while having many positive qualities. JBL’s noise-cancelling technology does filter out low-frequency sounds fairly well, but don’t expect it to silence an airplane engine or marching band. In order to get the greatest sound possible, you should just leave ANC on as the bass is hardly audible without it on.


Always put noise cancellation first. The best inexpensive noise-cancelling headphones are designed to block out a significant amount of background noise across a wide frequency range. It’s even better if they have an ambient listening mode so you can talk well without taking off your headphones and become more aware of your surroundings.

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